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Wellevate Dispensary:

If you'd like easy access to over-the-counter supplements & other self-care recommended products, visit our online dispensary.

Wellevate is a patient portal to over the counter supplements, protein powders and some personal care products that we have come to know and respect the quality of production and effectiveness of the products listed.  As you know, we are massage therapists—we are not nutritionists or medical professionals.   Before taking supplements, you should confirm with your pharmacist that there are no contraindications to your prescribed medications.  If you take or use over the counter products for health reasons that are not listed here, let us know the details and the retail price.  We will see if they are available and less expensive and we may add them. Click on "Visit Dispensary"

Young Living Essential Oils:

Jeanie & Michele recommend that you consult with them about your needs so they can help you identify the best oil or blend of oils for that purpose.  Visit: to read about the Seed to Seal quality of YL essential oils.

Jeanie Gorski:  Rep #3648495
Michele Buckley:  Rep #11810348

Referral Partners:

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The American Massage Therapy Association
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Product Recommendations:

By using the links below, you will be directed to As an Amazon Associate, TDFY earns a small commission from qualifying purchases made through these links. There is no upcharge to you for the items – you would find them to be the same price if you went to without using our link. We have used these products and watched these videos and we feel that they are good items to use if you happen to need them.

Life Straw Bottle with Filter
Theraband Kit
Muscle Stretching/Release Tools
Forks over Knives Movie
Forks over Knives Cookbook
Food Inc. Movie
Game Changers Movie
Rodney Yee Yoga for Beginners

Health Videos Included with your Amazon Prime Account: 

Yoga for the Inflexible
Chair Yoga