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Pregnancy Massage Services

pregnancy massage

Muscular therapy is a wonderful way to prepare your body for pregnancy and maintain your body during pregnancy, as well as an adjunct to recovery after pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage: Before you get pregnant, preparing the muscles to do the work of carrying the extra weight, the shifts in the pelvis and ultimately the delivery will make your pregnancy more comfortable. We can identify muscle weaknesses and patterns of muscle tension and show you self-care techniques to prepare your muscles to support you through the pregnancy.

During Pregnancy: Muscular therapy is a natural way to reduce stress (emotional and physical) and promote overall wellness. Muscles that are healthy and in a natural state perform better and support the daily changes to your body. Changes are inevitable — hormones, muscles, joints are challenged, water-weight gain and organ compression to name a few. The weight gain alone can stress your joints and challenge your best efforts to maintain good posture (which reduces muscle soreness). In addition, the hormonal changes create shifts in your emotions and ability to deal with stress. Massage can help calm all your systems, allowing you to have a more pleasant and emotionally even experience while you work hard to nurture another human life. It supports your mind, body and spirit through this magical and sometimes challenging time. Our therapists can also show you and your partner self-care techniques to use at home between treatments.

Except for women with pregnancy-related problems, muscular therapy is appropriate and can be done safely throughout pregnancy when performed by a trained professional. At times, certain areas of your body or certain techniques will have to be avoided for your safety and that of your baby. A full evaluation will occur prior to any treatment.

After Your Pregnancy: Muscular therapy helps return your muscles, joints, pelvis and back to a natural state. Focused treatments for scar tissue due to a C-section can also be performed (after allowing appropriate post-surgical healing). By aiding the lymph system at this time, postnatal swelling can be reduced, your immune system can be strengthened, and soreness from breastfeeding or pumping can be minimized.

Have questions? Call the office and ask to speak with our senior therapist. Having complications? Sign a release and our senior therapist can discuss your condition with your obstetric medical team and discuss the treatment that is best for you and safest for your baby.

If you are an existing TDFY patient, you may call the receptionist to book your pregnancy massage. If you are a new TDFY patient, please contact the senior therapist directly to discuss treatment options and have all your questions answered to ensure an appropriate intake process and proper appointment planning. Jeanie Gorski may be reached via email or by calling 603-721-9326. Home treatment may be an option.

Your massage will be adapted to your needs and requests, fashioning a hands-on session that relaxes, energizes and reduces pain and discomfort.