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Our Philosophy

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Our approach to muscular therapy is to identify the cause(s) of your muscular issues and to provide a treatment and self-care plan that minimizes discomfort, improves muscle performance and improves your quality of life. 

To that end, we may see you often in the beginning—but the goal is to have you return for treatment as infrequently as possible. Similar to how a dentist might treat you after a long period of not receiving dental care, you will need a group of appointments to get caught up, and then periodic appointments for maintenance.

TDFY muscular therapists provide treatments designed to your individual requirements. Each session is based on your needs in general and specific to the day you come in for treatment. Likewise, your self-care routine will be unique to you, your schedule and your goals. 


New patients must generally be scheduled for a 90-minute session. The first session includes interview time, a brief postural assessment, treatment time and sometimes self-care instruction. (See more on what to expect.) The second session will include self-care instruction or adjustments to the instruction provided in the first session in addition to treatment time. Treatment time is always the majority of the appointment and will vary between passive and active participation on your part.

Wear or bring comfortable clothing, sports or full coverage bras for women in addition to loose-fitting/gym shorts as we may be asking you to do active movement in a seated or standing position and this allows for modesty and comfort.

Types of Treatment:

Our focus is on muscular therapy—what is needed to get the muscles released and performing optimally. We use superficial and deep-tissue techniques to address all layers of fascia. (see a full list of therapies)