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What to Expect

Professional Muscular Therapy Care

Our professional policy is to focus on individual assessment. We listen, we educate and we give you the attention you need. The massage process may range from a specific area to the entire body. Treatment varies from light massage to deep work into muscles and other body fibers. As therapeutic massage therapists, we use a holistic approach:

1. Why is a particular area of your body experiencing discomfort?
2. What can we do to resolve this discomfort?
3. What can we do to prevent the discomfort from returning?

We educate you about your body.

We teach you about the effects that various activities have on your body. Once you learn to make subtle changes in those activities, you will be amazed at the dramatic impact. You will feel better — both physically and mentally.

Self-care techniques

Another benefit is you will learn ways to release tension or help heal injuries with gentle self-care exercises to aid flexibility and release tension.