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What to Expect

Our Approach

Our approach is to provide each client with individualized treatment. We listen, we educate, and we give the attention you need.

We react to and consider the effects of even subtle differences between clients. Your complaint of hip pain may be caused by carrying a baby while the next person’s may be due to a lot of air travel time. While the muscular therapy technique may be very similar in solving both these complaints, the self-care education will be very different. One client suffering muscle tension because of emotional or mental stress (job-related, the grieving process) will need very different treatment from a client with tension due to physical activity (sports or work related).

Our techniques range from providing palliative care for the terminally ill and soothing care during pregnancy, to sports & other deep tissue massage to improve muscular function and reduce physical discomfort. We focus our practice in providing treatment & self-care education appropriate for clients who are pregnant, suffering with terminal illness, student athletes, weekend warriors, busy professionals and those with chronic pain. Currently, our clients range in age from 15 to 90 years old in every ability and physical condition imaginable. We are unable to accommodate non-ambulatory patients at the office. Please call to discuss your needs as home visits may be arranged.

Therapy Designed for You wants to be part of your wellness and healthcare team. We work with you and guide you towards optimal wellness. When your needs exceed our training, we will find trusted professionals and refer you to them. We want to build our business on trust and competency.