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Massage for Cancer

cancer massage

Are you living with cancer? 
Are you in active treatment for cancer? 
Have you survived treatment but are left with fatigue, muscle aches or stiffness?

Let massage therapy alleviate your symptoms and relieve stress, anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue. Massage is a useful, noninvasive addition to standard medical treatment. Research supports the benefits of massage during cancer treatment when performed by a specially trained massage therapist who works in conjunction with your other healthcare providers to keep you safe.

Massage therapy can be helpful throughout your cancer journey. It has benefits for people in the process of diagnosis, during treatment, during long years of survivorship and at end of life. In particular, for people in cancer treatment (or in the year of recovery from treatment), a regularly scheduled session provides something to look forward to. It is a therapeutic intervention that isn't painful; it is something that you get to control and can bring a sense of normalcy to your “turned upside down” life.

At each session, your massage will be modified considering current side effects or complications of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and medications. The installation of chemo ports or PIC lines does not preclude you from receiving massage—we just work around them safely and at the right time. Other side effects will be considered such as lymphedema, blood counts and new aches and pains. But don’t worry about any of that. Just give us the info, we’ll adjust the treatment and you can go to a new happy place. Even after years of survivorship, there are a few simple but critical adjustments in massage therapy. We congratulate you on surviving and want to be sure not to stir up any problems—when lymph nodes have been removed, lymphedema is a lifelong risk and the affected area requires special consideration.

We will combine a thorough intake process with sound clinical judgment and clear communication about what to expect in the session. Much of this will be done over the phone before your first appointment so that in the office our focus is on your treatment. It may be necessary for us to speak with your oncology healthcare professionals, so permission will be requested.

To ensure an appropriate intake process and proper appointment planning, please contact the therapist directly to discuss treatment options and have all your questioned answered. Contact Jeanie Gorski via email or by calling 603-721-9326. Home treatment may be an option.

Your massage will be adapted to your needs and requests, fashioning a hands-on session that relaxes, energizes and reduces pain and discomfort.

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